Construction Permit FAQ2019-10-23T19:29:21+05:00

Construction Permit FAQ

Which department specifically deals with Construction Permit for Warehouses?2018-01-25T06:34:32+05:00

Municipal Corporation Lahore (MCL) is the relevant department for Construction Permit for Warehouses.

Who issues Construction Permit for Warehouses?2018-01-25T06:36:26+05:00

Relevant MCL Zone issues Sanction letter after approval of case from Chief Officer MCL.

What is the service delivery time for Construction Permit for Warehouses?2018-01-25T06:37:03+05:00

Service Delivery Time is 21 working days.

Can I directly go to relevant Zone for the issuance of Construction Permit for Warehouses apart from e-Khidmat Markaz?2018-01-25T06:38:25+05:00
How I can track my application status?2018-01-25T06:39:00+05:00
What are the Application processing charges?2018-01-25T06:39:37+05:00
From where I can get the application forms?2018-01-25T06:40:06+05:00
What is the service fee payment method?2018-01-25T06:40:38+05:00
What is the name of the designated bank for the payment of service fee?2018-01-25T06:41:06+05:00
What is the Toll Free number of e-Khidmat Markaz?2018-01-25T06:41:37+05:00
How I will be informed in case of any problem in application / service delivery?2018-01-25T06:42:20+05:00
Can I get my required service at my home?2018-01-25T06:42:49+05:00
What is the SMS short code of e-Khidmat Markaz?2018-01-25T06:43:25+05:00